An alternative core API for Clojure
More Dunaj libraries: dunaj.doc and crispin
Dunaj /ˈdunaɪ/ is a set of core language experiments aimed to improve Clojure language and its core API. It deals with language features that require changes across different parts of Clojure and which cannot be evaluated in isolation. Dunaj aims to bring Clojure even more towards simplicity, consistency and performance. There are two variants of Dunaj. The complete one that however needs a custom Clojure fork, and a Dunaj lite that is nearly identical in functionalities and can be used with ordinary Clojure. read more



Dunaj v0.7.0 released, along with
dunaj.doc, a library for generating html docs.


Dunaj v0.6.0 released, along with
crispin, a library for configuration management.


2 new blog posts: Handling JWT in Dunaj
and Idiomatic Factory Pattern

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See Getting Started for information on how to download and start using Dunaj.
Read Documentation, including specification, crash course for Clojure developers, API and SPI. See list of automatically referred vars.
Dunaj is an Open source software, released under Eclipse Public License 1.0, same as Clojure. Sources are available at Github.
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