Dunaj API comprises following namespaces:

bare.core An entry point to the bare API.

dunaj.bit Functions for bitwise manipulation.

dunaj.boolean Boolean type and related logic operations.

dunaj.buffer Unsynchronized mutable collections with predefined capacity.

dunaj.char Character type, predicates and operations.

dunaj.coll Immutable, mutable and persistent collections. Reducers and transducers .

dunaj.coll.array-map Array map, a persistent collection for small maps.

dunaj.coll.batched-queue Batched queue, a sequential FIFO persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.bvt-vector Bitmapped Vector Trie vector, a sequential persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.cons-seq Cons seq, a basic seq type.

dunaj.coll.default Default implementations for basic collection types.

dunaj.coll.empty-list Empty list, a seq type.

dunaj.coll.hamt-map Hash Array Mapped Trie map, a persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.hamt-set Hash Array Mapped Trie set, a persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.helper Collection helpers for the implementation of new collection types.

dunaj.coll.lazy-seq A Lazy seq type.

dunaj.coll.lazy-seq-map A lazy map type which is backed by a lazy seq containing interleaved keys and values.

dunaj.coll.lazy-seq-set A lazy set type which is backed by a lazy seq containing set items.

dunaj.coll.linked-list Linked list, a sequential LIFO seq type.

dunaj.coll.primitive-vector A vector holding primitive values. A sequential persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.rbt-sorted-map Red black tree based map, a sorted persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.rbt-sorted-set Red black tree based set, a sorted persistent collection.

dunaj.coll.recipe Collection utilities that return transducers or collection recipes.

dunaj.coll.tuple A set of tuple types, a sequential persistent collection efficient for small vectors.

dunaj.coll.util Various collection utilities, mainly those returning either a non-collection result or a non-recipe collection.

dunaj.compare Comparison, hashing and equality.

dunaj.concurrent General concurrency facilities, futures, promises.

dunaj.concurrent.agent Agents, a reference object to the result of an asynchronous computation, with additional distinctive features.

dunaj.concurrent.forkjoin Parallel computations based on a Fork-join model.

dunaj.concurrent.parallel Parallel computations based on thread pools.

dunaj.concurrent.port Asynchronous programming through ports and channels.

dunaj.concurrent.thread Concurrency primitives for creating and managing threads.

dunaj.core An entry point to the dunaj API.

dunaj.dev Helpers for developers.

dunaj.env Run-time environment vars, facilities for printing to console.

dunaj.error Error handling, exceptions.

dunaj.feature Feature protocols for metadata, configuration and validation.

dunaj.flow Control Flow. Conditionals, loops, evaluation.

dunaj.format Generic formatter (parser/printer).

dunaj.format.base64 Base64 formatter.

dunaj.format.charset Charset formatter.

dunaj.format.clj CLJ formatter.

dunaj.format.edn EDN liberal formatter with optional lazy support.

dunaj.format.helper Helper fns for formatter implementations.

dunaj.format.html A very basic Hiccup like HTML printer.

dunaj.format.json JSON liberal formatter with support for lazy parsing and pretty printing.

dunaj.format.parser Fast parser engine with helper functions for tokenizer and parser machines.

dunaj.format.printer Fast printer engine with helper functions.

dunaj.function Function definition, transformation and memoization facilities.

dunaj.host Host interoperability.

dunaj.host.array Host arrays. Arrays do not follow classic collection API in order to enable their performance.

dunaj.host.batch Batches, a wrapped host collections of primitive data, providing fast data processing.

dunaj.host.int Fast unchecked primitive int operations and constants for performance critical loops.

dunaj.host.number Coercions to host number types.

dunaj.identifier Symbolic identifiers and related protocols.

dunaj.lib Facilities for loading and compiling libs.

dunaj.macro Macros.  

dunaj.math Basic math facilities.

dunaj.math.angle Math functions of an angle, with floating point numbers.

dunaj.math.precise Precise math with an arbitrary precision.

dunaj.math.random Random number generators.

dunaj.math.unchecked Unchecked math where operations are fast but prone to overflow.

dunaj.namespace Creating, setting and inspecting namespaces.

dunaj.poly Polymorphism. Types , records , protocols , multimethods, tag hierarchy.

dunaj.regex Regular expressions.

dunaj.repl REPL tools.

dunaj.resource Computer and network resources, systems, scopes.

dunaj.resource.file Host filesystem resources.

dunaj.resource.helper Resource helpers.

dunaj.resource.host Classpath and stream backed host resources.

dunaj.resource.http Resource for fetching data through http with very basic functionalities.

dunaj.resource.loopback Basic loopback resource.

dunaj.resource.pipe Pipe resources. Works across threads, not processes nor over the network.

dunaj.resource.secure A resource for communication using TLS protocol.

dunaj.resource.selector Selector resources.

dunaj.resource.tcp TCP sockets.

dunaj.resource.udp UDP sockets.

dunaj.set Universal and complement sets, set operations.

dunaj.state Stateful objects. References, mutation, cloning, etc.

dunaj.state.basic Atom, Box, Local and other basic reference types.

dunaj.state.ref Refs, a transactional references that use software transactional memory (STM) for safe shared use of mutable references.

dunaj.state.var Vars , references with mutable root binding and thread local bindings that can be rebound dynamically.

dunaj.state.weak Weak and soft references.

dunaj.string Characters and character sequences.

dunaj.threading Syntax threading macros.

dunaj.time Instants (RFC 3339) and duration protocol.

dunaj.type Type signatures. Provides basic facilities for declaring data types for vars, function arguments and return values.

dunaj.type.validation Type validation facilities.

dunaj.uri RFC 3986 URI type.

dunaj.uuid RFC 4122 UUID type.

dunaj.version A type for representing software versions.