Last Dunaj experiment aims to improve API’s primary documentation and documentation generation facilities.

Current documentation is available at project’s homepage at API and SPI documentation is automatically generated from Dunaj sources. Other parts of the documentation are written in AsciiDoc format and are available in project’s repository alongside other sources. Everything is released under the same license as Clojure.

Library used for the actual documentation generation can be used to generate documentation of any Clojure project, and will be released soon as a separate project.

Annotated documentation

API documentation is presented in a clear and user friendly way. Vars in a given namespace are grouped by their purpose into several categories. In addition to Var’s docstring, type signatures, examples and see also references are provided.

IDE Support

Dunaj defines special Var metadata that provide additional information to IDEs. With these metadata, editors can offer improved and more precise highlighting and indentation. IDE related metadata are as follows:

  • :indent - nil/integer/:all - Indent style, number of arguments treated as function arguments

  • :indent-group - nil/integer - cond-like grouping of arguments per line

  • :highlight - keyword - optional highlight group. Dunaj uses :def, :host, :flow and :warn.

  • :named - true/false/:optional - form’s second argument is (an optional) a symbol name

  • :let-bindings - true/false - form’s second argument is a let-like binding vector

  • :fn-params - true/false - form’s second argument is a fn-like params vector

Dunaj’s CLJ pretty printer uses above metadata to improve highlighting and indentation too.