Dunaj SPI comprises following namespaces:

dunaj.buffer Unsynchronized mutable collections with predefined capacity.

dunaj.coll Immutable, mutable and persistent collections. Reducers and transducers .

dunaj.coll.helper Collection helpers for the implementation of new collection types.

dunaj.compare Comparison, hashing and equality.

dunaj.concurrent General concurrency facilities, futures, promises.

dunaj.concurrent.forkjoin Parallel computations based on a Fork-join model.

dunaj.concurrent.port Asynchronous programming through ports and channels.

dunaj.concurrent.thread Concurrency primitives for creating and managing threads.

dunaj.error Error handling, exceptions.

dunaj.feature Feature protocols for metadata, configuration and validation.

dunaj.flow Control Flow. Conditionals, loops, evaluation.

dunaj.format Generic formatter (parser/printer).

dunaj.format.parser Fast parser engine with helper functions for tokenizer and parser machines.

dunaj.format.printer Fast printer engine with helper functions.

dunaj.function Function definition, transformation and memoization facilities.

dunaj.identifier Symbolic identifiers and related protocols.

dunaj.math Basic math facilities.

dunaj.math.random Random number generators.

dunaj.resource Computer and network resources, systems, scopes.

dunaj.resource.file Host filesystem resources.

dunaj.resource.selector Selector resources.

dunaj.state Stateful objects. References, mutation, cloning, etc.

dunaj.state.ref Refs, a transactional references that use software transactional memory (STM) for safe shared use of mutable references.

dunaj.string Characters and character sequences.

dunaj.time Instants (RFC 3339) and duration protocol.

dunaj.type Type signatures. Provides basic facilities for declaring data types for vars, function arguments and return values.